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Book Volunteers       The various Franciscan Volunteer Programs came together to create a reflection book written by former volunteers about their service year based on themes and writings of St. Francis. Living and Serving in the Way of St. Francis: Reflections from Franciscan Volunteers includes reflections from five of our recent Cap Corps Volunteers

  • Lizzy Pugh (2010-11)
  • Maureen Burke (2010-11 & 2011-12)
  • Nick Despotidis (2011-12)
  • Lianna Mueller (2011-2012)
  • Meg Masciola (2013-14)

       The book is available at the publisher's price of $10.00 (shipping included) by clicking the donate button below. Please send an email if you would like your book shipped to an address other than the one listed on the PayPal receipt.


Reflections on Pope Francis' Visit

PopeCircleby Kyra Malamood

       Looking back on last week, I still cannot express my thoughts and feelings adequately. Words simply fall short. Not only did I get the chance to join hoards of people at the Papal Parade on Wednesday, but by complete grace, I also found myself standing among the crowd at the Capitol on Thursday morning listening to his inspiring, wise, and truly life-giving address to Congress.

       All I can say is how lucky I am. God is Good! (All the time). After sharing the tales of the two days of papal festivities, my dad simply said to me, "I wish I had you on video, so you could hear the excitement and joy the way I just heard it from you."

       My presence there made the Pope's visit real for my family and friends who could not be there, and to think of all the people our Holy Father reached through that very same chain of thought and connection is so very powerful. Joyful, surreal, beautiful, holy, special, life-giving...the list of words goes on, none of which seem to capture the sentiment of those two days.


The Little Things ARE the Big Things

Gabby2by Gabby LaPore
Cap Corps 2014-2015

       The other day, I kept trying to think of something big that has happened so far that would be obviously recognized as a success, but had no luck. I went to work that day, and it was one crazy thing after another. I was needed in three different classrooms that day and was going crazy trying to track down kids and sneak them out of classes to have them contribute to their teachers’ surprise teacher appreciation gifts for Catholic Schools Week.


CapCorps Board Meeting

2015 02 CapCorpsMtg2

       On Saturday, February 28, the Board of Directors of our Cap Corps Volunteer program met in DC for a day-long strategic vision session. From left, Frank Yacobi, OFM Cap.; Al Carver, OFM Cap.; Margaret McIntyre Stacy (Cap Corps Director and former volunteer); Jay Long; Paul Dressler, OFM Cap.; Ana Chappa, Bob Toomey, OFM Cap.; Sarah Hack Mooney and Tony Brunswick. 

       Ana, Sarah and Tony are former Cap Corps volunteers from 2001, 1999 and 1998, respectively.

      Reports tell us that the meeting, held at the DC Cap Corps house, was very productive!

Cap Corps Remembers Fr. Bill

ShirtCapCorpsThe Many Faces & One Golden Smile:
Thanks, Fr. Bill!!

      I asked the Cap Corps Volunteers to share stories and pictures. I've received tributes from the first group in 1993 all the way to the group that just ended their year in July, 2014.

       Here are their words about the dear man and the devoted friar that Cap Corps will so fondly remember for years to come . . .

       Margaret McIntyre-Stacy
       Program Director
       Capuchin Franciscan Volunteer Corps


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