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Celebrating the Consecrated Life

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       The Holy Father declared the Church Year 2015 as a year to celebrate the Consecrated Life - the men and women who dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ by answering his invitation to "Follow Me." The Church Year begins on the First Sunday of Advent 2014.

       We'll have some highlights of our lives as consecrated men as the year goes on. Meanwhile, here is a video sponsored by the men & women Religious of Ireland who share their stories of hearing the Lord's call.

Discernment at our Hermitage

2014 HermitagVoc       St. Francis Friary in Pittsburgh was the place for yet another gathering for those discerning vocations to the Religious life on Monday, September 22, 2014.

       Five men were present with the friars: three from Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH, one high school junior from Central Catholic HS in Pittsburgh, PA, and an adult youth minister from the Diocese of  Pittsburgh. The  evening consisted of prayer, a simple meal of soup and bread and lively conversation about the place and practice of prayer in daily life. Friars present were Brs. Tom Betz (seated, center), Chris Johnson (right), Walt Robb (seated left) and Dennis Klemash (we think he took the picture).

       For information about our other opportunities to explore life with the friars, contact us.  

Sharing our Life at August Retreat


       Our Vocation Director, Fr. Tom Betz, OFM Cap., hosted thirteen young men at Alverno, our retreat house in Salisbury, PA, to explore Capuchin life with them. Our brother Fr. Lester Knoll, OFM Cap., was on hand, as well, along with friar students from Washington, DC:  Brs. Francisco Lopez, Diogo Escudero, Saul Soriano and all five postulants (see separate article): Rigobel Azanwi, Joshua Heskamp, Gavin Pereira, Theo Simatupang and Stephen Wright.


Who are the Capuchins?

       Maybe we can answer some of your questions about the Capuchin Franciscans -- who are we, what do we do and where do we come from?  We may be one of the largest Orders in the Church, but aside from having Italian coffee and monkeys named after us, what else are we about?  Download our Info Sheet here.


A Day in the Life of Br. Brian


     From our Vimeo site, there's an opportunity to look into a day in the life of one of our brothers, Brian Stacy, OFM Cap.  Br. Brian speaks of his call to the Catholic faith and ultimately to the Religious Life of the Capuchin Franciscan Friars.  

     If you have a few minutes, you might check out one of the waya the Lord calls us to follow Him.  We all have our own stories . . . here's Brian's.


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