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Information - Fr. Joseph

  • At least a month in advance of the mission I would invite the parish to start praying for the renewal of the parish and the success of the upcoming mission. I arrive at the parish on Saturday in time to preach all the weekend masses, at the weekend masses I will introduce the topics and invite the faithful to attend the mission. 
  • If there is a regular Parish Mass on Sunday evening, I would preach for 3 days; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If there is no Sunday evening Mass, the mission can begin on Sunday at 7PM, otherwise we would begin on Monday and end on Wednesday. 
  • The talks start at 7 PM and last between 45 minutes to an hour. If the pastor wishes, we may expose The Blessed Sacrament and give the evening talk in the presence of the Eucharist similar to 40 hours devotion. 
  • I will be available for confessions after the talks each evening. One of the days, it would be preferable if priests from the area could be invited to help with confessions. The conference on Wednesday will be a homily in the context of Mass. (If the parish typically has Mass every evening, all of the talks can be in the context of the homily, if the pastor prefers.)
  • I invite the parish musicians to help with the talks each evening, to lead us in a hymn at the beginning and end of the talks. They are also kindly asked to assist us with the Mass on Wednesday and if there is exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, at least the organ and a cantor to accompany the Eucharistic hymns and benediction.
  • The Church offers a plenary Indulgence to the faithful who attend each evening of the mission and there will be a special blessing on the last day to impart the plenary Indulgence.
  • Remuneration: The faithful who attend the mission are asked for a free-will offering. I would ask that the offering be taken up each evening since not everyone may be able to attend each evening. I ask that the parish be conscious that my ministry supports our Capuchin students and elderly, for which we have great need.
  • Those attending the mission would make any checks out to the parish and then the parish would write one check, combining the total of checks and cash, to my Order not to me:

    c/o Mr. Joseph Kusnir
    220 - 37th Street 
    Pittsburgh PA 15201
  • If the pastor would prefer to make a direct deposit we can make those arrangements.


Saints of the church;
models and methods for overcoming sin & division
1) Blessed Solanus Casey; overcoming patterns of personal sin and healing of division. 
2) Saint Padre Pio; forgiveness and healing in families and the sacrament of reconciliation. 
3) The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Eucharist



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