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Lessons in Mercy

I am,
this flimsy flame contested,
so like a tongue in shape,
that spoke of mercy
a tongue of flame that burned a bush
but left no trace of cinders,
a tongue which is itself the message,
I am light.
I am
and I wish you to become.


Glory Simplified

Entangled in lightning
the Lord revealed
the transfiguring prepared
for a brother
condemned unjustly.
As sullied as was his accusation
so glorious his vindication,
as ignominious his dying,
so transformed his restoration,
refulgent in outer trappings
and smiling for conquest complete,
with joy eternal.


Merciful Capuchins

Recruiting the heroes of the Mystical Body
through mortal remains recalling deeds
Capuchin Saint Leopold Mandić
and Capuchin Saint Pio of Pietrelcina,
will be placed in honor as models of mercy,
ministering within confessional stations,
for the Capuchin Mercy ceremony
at Saint Peter’s Basilica of mercy.
Not relics only, but bodies respond,
as though ready to begin again,
these heroes of the confessional,
inspiring Capuchins and directing them
to lead the priests of the world
on a crusade of Mercy.


Mercy Rebuilds Christ's Church

With Pope and Patriarch embracing,
the world received Mercy
as a whirlwind of celestial forces
to sweep away the contradictory edicts
composed in ancient Latin
and equally antique Russian
of doubly uncharitable accusations,
preserved with multiple keys
for endless futile proof.


Mercy Wednesday

Be happy for the failing
that gained
a champion of infinite prowess,
and happier still,
with mercy beyond the infinite,
for those who experience
the gratitude
of knowing mercy
at the judgment seat,
for there, the more the failure,
so more the restoring forces,
until it takes on the work
of cosmetic surgery.


People Will Be the Catch

With bursting nets
the Zeebeedes filled both the boats,
while Peter stood and gawked.
The fishermen made fast transition
from netting for fish
to enticement for people,
from Isaiah wailing
for his lack of speech
through the final days
of the drama of redemption.


Open to Mercy

The numbers of Ordinary Time
will count the millennia
that we waited
for this Holy Year of Mercy,
not that the Lord withheld it,
but humans had covered hearts,
and minds misguided
by the weight of life’s responsibilities.


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