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Fiftieth Day

Combining gifts and effort
the human stock produced a perfect person,
John, beyond temptation,
providing plans and strategy
for overcoming the enemy.

The perfect John proclaimed
a greater was on the way,
who baptized beyond perfection,
with a gift of Spirit,
that made this human perfection a mere mire,
a perfection of not choosing evil.

Spirit goodness
fills a person with tongues of fire,
that turns a person into a galaxy of power,
each Spirit act beyond a human’s natural scope,
as far as a giant star excels a human body.

Disciples of the Spirit
form phalanxes that match the galaxies
as forces of goodness overcoming contaminated worlds,
each Spirit-filled person connected to all others,
by waves of gravity and electrical impulses,
so like the Spirit’s field of action,
injecting ignoble flesh
with the majesty of the stars,
as they turn their starlight
into torches of everlasting illumination.

Pentecost, May 15, 2016
Bonaventure Stefun, OFM Cap.

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