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Holy Year of Faith A.D. 35

In this Holy Year of Mercy
we pay tribute to the Holy Year of Faith,
about the year of thirty-five,
when Paul and Barnabas
packed up the Torah and all the scrolls,
the Prophets, Psalms and Books of Kings, the history.

The Word proclaimed was flames of fire
and set their hearts to bubble,
this life-giving Word,
creating a thousand different saints,
and a recreating Word of eternal action,
first speaking to individuals in Perga and Antioch,
Pisidia and Pamphelia,
the Word brought nations to metanoia,
this Word that penetrates,
and lifts whatever weighs the heart.

By faith
I took all Gentiles for brother and sister,
without counting time or coin
and they have returned the favor,
releasing their last two coins
or moments of time.

April, 2016
Bonaventure Stefun, OFM Cap.

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