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Resolutions Enlarged

New Year's Day 2017

For this New Year
I have no life-changing resolutions,
but sharper recognitions.
Adorning the year
with precise and proud resolves
would set a limit
of calculated time,
to mitigate improvement,
or sharper techniques
for providing for oneself
a greater command of life.

The year overtakes us
unclasped by swirling galaxies,
and I recognize
with honor
the master who devises
such intricate regulation
of time-keeping spheres,
for the seasons,
the freshest crops,
and all the vacation fairylands,
for I recognize
the one who celebrates joy in giving
and in rejoicing
when others are delighting with life.

I recognize
the one who provides the talent
for artists, writers and photographers,
discovering the portions of paradise
still available on earth,
and people joyous enough
to recognize these places
and the one who makes them happy.

Bonaventure Stefun, OFM Cap.

This poem is a previous reflection of our Br. Bonaventure.
Keep him in your prayers as he continues to accept
the weaknesses his body imposes on him -
while his heart and mind continue as active as ever.

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