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       The Capuchin Franciscan Volunteer Corps (Cap Corps) offers men and women the opportunity to work in direct service with the poor while living a simple lifestyle in community with other volunteers. The spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi is central to this experience of community and service.



             Cap Corps Volunteers commit to living in intentional community with one another in the Franciscan spirit of mutuality and simplicity. Volunteers energize and support one another in their call to live the Gospel by sharing the joys and sorrows of their daily life experiences, as well as the necessary house chores such as shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

Simple Living 

PaulKitchen       Cap Corps Volunteers live on a small monthly stipend in urban neighborhoods to become more aware of the daily realities of those with whom they work. Living simply helps volunteers define a lifestyle in common with the mission of the Capuchin Franciscan friars and shape their decisions on how to spend their resources. Each volunteer receives a personal stipend and commute costs; the house receives a community stipend that's used to pay for groceries and household needs.



     Cap Corps Volunteers commit to communal prayer with each other five days a week, taking turns leading prayer. This commitment is a way they deepen their faith life and support one another in service. The year includes retreats, spiritual direction, and interaction with the friars who support and encourage the faith life of the volunteers.

Franciscan Spirit 

SarahFriars       The Capuchin Franciscan Friars are an integral part of the Cap Corps Volunteer Year. Each house has a friar serving as the Local House Director who comes over once a week for Community Night with the volunteer community. The House Director serves as a support person for the volunteers both in faith formation and learning about Franciscan Spirituality as well as getting acclimated to a new city, job, and community. Additionally, the House Director helps the volunteers get to know the other friars in their city of service.


GabbyChilldren       Cap Corps Volunteers work full-time, 40 hours a week, for one year at various non-profit social service agencies and organizations. They work with people in need, learning first hand the injustices of the poor. Areas of ministry include:

-- Education
-- Health Care
-- Social Services
-- Homeless Outreach
-- Immigration & Refugee Resettlement


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