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Harrisburg & York friars work with new Bishop

Provincial Minister, David Nestler, OFM Cap., was in Harrisburg, PA, for the installation of the new bishop, Ronald Gainer and reports that all the friars working in the diocese were present for the occasion.  Harrisburg friars John Bednarik, Orlando Reyes, Michael Rubus and Stephen Shin joined our York brothers Lou Petruha, John McCloskey, Jim Menkhus and Zenon Maszczyk.

In these few days leading up to his installation today, Bishop Gainer visited two of our three parishes. He was at St. Joseph in York for confirmation on Saturday, March 15. He also stopped by St. Francis Parish to visit the soup kitchen and help serve the meal. In the picture at the article's start, Reyes_gaineryou might make out that the bishop is wearing a hair net - a noble episcopal change of hats for the contemporary world (and a question comes to mind with the picture on the left: how many photo ops did our brother Orlando get with the Bishop?).

Bishop Gainer, originally from the Allentown (PA) Diocese and previously head of the Lexington (KY) Diocese, was appointed as Harrisburg's new Ordinary after the short tenure and unexpected death of previous Bishop Joseph McFadden in May 2013.


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