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Glory Beyond Imagining

Surprises overwhelmed me,
unbidden I leaped to heights of love
and was lost in admiration of Christ glorified.
The demons which taunted me
evaporated in frightened flight,
while courage and love adopted me
as a standing paladin.
Communing with the beauty of Easter,
I lost all consciousness,
in merely glimpsing the flames of light
that signaled risen life.

The tomb seemed burst,
as by volcanic eruption,
while rocks all about
appeared as though they had flowed,
becoming .molten when he drew near,
inducing jitters to think
what happens if he draws close?
A curtain of light preceded him,
configuring hearts to pulse
as though caught up in fire.

His gift of being soared beyond imagination,
and this person glorified
invested all with power to observe him,
and reverence him,
as long as they retained
the password Alleluia,
aware that the more they sang it
the more they entered the mystery,
Alleluia is gift of being.

April 2015
Bonaventure Stefun, OFM Cap.


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