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Capuchin Cafe 3.0 gathers a crowd in DC

       Our friars at from the fraternity of Cap College in Washington, DC, hosted their 'Capuchin Cafe' (affectionately called 'Capuchin Cafe 3.0') on Saturday, April 18. In order to provide more space for a larger gathering, the event changed locations from our friary to St. Anthony's Church near Catholic University. Vocation Director and Philadelphia Pastor, Fr. Tom Betz, OFM Cap., was the preacher during the opening Eucharistic devotion, and Brs. Al Carver, OFM Cap., Ross Henley, OFM Cap., Brian Stacy, OFM Cap., Tommy Piolata, OFM Cap., and Keon Tu, OFM Cap., led the singing, supported by melodious members of our DC Cap Corps Volunteers.

       Following the time for prayer. the crowd moved to the the parish's hall, and the celebration featured 5 different music groups. Among them were the tap dancing seminarians from nearby Theological College (for Diocesan seminarians in Theology studies). Our very own Capuchin band led by Br. Kip Ledger, OFM Cap., wrapped up the evening.

       This will be the final Capuchin Cafe for the semester, but the friars plan to start again in the Fall.

       Photographer and reporter Br. Matt Hindelang, OFM Cap., has also posted this video on Flicker . . . 

       For reports on the other Capuchin Cafe events, read here.


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