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Setting York on Fire

      St. Joseph Parish in York once again hosted Fan the Fire (FTF), hosting more than 600 teens and leaders on Saturday, November 15. FTF is “a one day event designed to reach out to teens and help them to either deepen their relationship with Christ or discover it for the first time."

Lofo1       The day consisted of a dynamic host, high-quality music, talented local, regional and national  Catholic Youth speakers, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Confessions, celebration of Mass, a concert, dinner and a lot more as seen by the video below.

The program is a perfect mix of fun and high-energy music as well as profoundly reverent prayer. The speakers reach out and engage teens with humor and a challenging, authentic, Catholic message that encourages them to seek and live out the truth of the Gospel. Meanwhile, the music is a wonderful mix of popular, traditional and 'praise and worship' songs designed to interject both joy and reverence to the act of worship.

2014-11-17 3      All of the talks, skits, and music prepare and point to Adoration followed by the Sacred Liturgy.

       Washington DC friars Brs. Brian Stacy, Saul Soriano and Obioma Odionyenma helped out and presented a vocation talk to more than 150 of the participants. Harrisburg’s friar John Bednarik, OFM Cap., traveled south to York to help the pastoral staff of friars Lou Petruha, Jim Menkhus and Richard Owens.

       Long lines of young men and women kept the four confessors busy for three hours. On a bit of a a side note, a little more than a month ago St. Joseph Parish celebrated 35 years of Capuchin pastoral service; you can check out that celebration here.

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