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Bishop Bill Fey checks in

Bishop Bill Fey, OFM Cap., has sent in a delightful and thorough account of his recent pastoral travels throughout West New Britain in Papua New Guinea where he serves as the Bishop of the Kimbe Diocese.

Fey2Land, sea and air, and a lot of notable stories of travel, are usually on the high, though gentle, seas of the South Pacific. In the first photo, Bill is accompanied by a deacon-candidate and a priest on his way to a parish, maybe the one where he had 215 confirmations! Talk about slap happy!

If you look very closely at the second photo of the dug-out canoe, it is named after William FAY as the Bishop of Kimbe, mis-spelled, but consistent with the pronunciation for Tok Pisin, the common language of PNG.

That was one of five dug-out canoes that Bishop Bill blessed on the beach at Pililo, along with other fishing gear.

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