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Glory Beyond Imagining

Surprises overwhelmed me,
unbidden I leaped to heights of love
and was lost in admiration of Christ glorified.
The demons which taunted me
evaporated in frightened flight,
while courage and love adopted me
as a standing paladin.
Communing with the beauty of Easter,
I lost all consciousness,
in merely glimpsing the flames of light
that signaled risen life.


Fr. John Carey, 1929-2017

Carey John     Our brother, Fr. John Carey, OFM Cap., made his transitus to eternal life on April 3, 2017, in Saxonburg, PA. He was 88.

     Born on February 23, 1929, to Joseph and Sarah (Furlong) Carey in Providence, RI, he was given the name Charles at baptism. He attended Assumption Parish Elementary School in Providence, and, in 1943, he enrolled in Columban Prep School in Silver Creek, NY.

     In 1946, Charles was invested with the Capuchin habit in the then British Custody of New England and was given the name John. After his profession of vows, he attended St. Lawrence Seminary College in Milton, MA, graduating in 1950. When the Custody of New England was incorporated into the New York/New England St. Mary Province, he was sent to Capuchin College in Washington, DC, for theological studies and eventually asked to become a member of our Province of St. Augustine.


Working Together in DC to Nourish

DCMissionaries2Capuchins team with the Missionaries of Charity

    The friars of "Capuchin College" (St. Francis Friary), home of our formation program for friars in initial and professional formation, have taken on a ministry in conjunction with the Missionaries of Charity. A few years ago, it was suggested by one of the student friars to partner with the Missionaries in their Sunday morning meal program. A phone call was made to them, and the ministry began.


Papua New Guinea: Only the Beginnings

Beginnings friar     A new book explores the early beginnings of our Capuchin mission work in Papua New Guinea.Written by our confrere Blaine Burkey, OFM Cap., from the Province of St. Conrad, the authorship of the book was a labor of love for this man who, as a young friar, was fascinated by the tales and the travails of our Provincial heroes who sacrificed their lives in post-War America to accept the Church's request to evangelize a territory where few had heard the words and message of Jesus Christ. As Fr. Blaine writes:

     God’s Word came into the world nearly two millennia ago, personally and permanently touched a few lives, and returned to the Father. His 33 years on earth, as told in the Gospels, was really only the beginning. Moved then by the Holy Spirit, the Word’s apostles went out into what seemed to many to be the entire world. Really, however, it was still only the beginning.

Get a copy of the book . . .

3 More Deacons to Serve

6Deacons     Three of our Capuchin friars were ordained to serve as transitional deacons in a Mass celebrated on January 3, 2017, at St. Augustine Church in Pittsburgh, PA. The three friars now join three other friar-deacons in their goal to serve the Church as Capuchin friar priests.

     In the left photo, friars Roshan Anthonypillai, OFM Cap., Phil White, OFM Cap. and Reynaldo Frías-Santana, OFM Cap., are in the front row, while our three other friar deacons, Al Carver, OFM Cap., James Watson, OFM Cap. and Jonathan Ulrick, OFM Cap., stand behind them in this photo taken after the completion of the Mass.


Our Friars in Formation

      Our friars in formation continue their discernemnt at our St. Francis Friary in Washington, DC -- also known as "Capuchin College," a name which has 'stuck' through the generations, even though the friars study at Catholic University or other schools in the metro area.

     Their stories are accounts of God's action in their lives - an action which will appear much like the human stories they are. God was at work, drawing them from various various walks of life and with various talents and interests, to become part of our Capuchin brotherhood.

Check out their stories . . .

The Journey to Capuchin Life


These are the men who began
walking in our brotherhood in 2016.
These are their stories.

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